Huang Longji 36 Types of Beijing Opera Masks - 6

Huang Longji - Pointed Three-Tile Face

Three-Tile Face is also called Three-Pit Face

The pointed three-tile face is usually distinguished by arched or pointed brows, raised or slanted eyes, and a pointed nose pit. The beard nay be a full one covering the mouth or a shorter one (called zha ) that leaves the mouth exposed, The usual colors are red, white, blue purple or yellow. The face may be worn by very different characters; a bold, reckless warrior of a despot. Huang Longji with a blue flowered pointed three-tile face has a role in the opera "The Overlord's Village." The head of Huangliang Village, he attempts to assassinate Magistrate Shi Shilun and is arrested by Huang Tianba.

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