Ji Liao 36 Types of Beijing Opera Masks - 7

Ji Liao - Old Three-Tile Face

Three-Tile Face is also called Three-Pit Face

The old or faded three-tile face is for a very old person, who may be a positive or negative character. It is always used with a full white or grayish-black beard. A distinctive feature is sagging lower eyelids, shaped like low-hanging clouds, quite characteristic of old men whose skin and muscles around the eyes tend to slacken. The nose pit is some times delineated in black or gray to represent an aged person's grizzled hair.

JI Liao with an old yellow three-tile face, on of the leading characters in "The Dagger in the Fish, adapted from an episode in "History if the Eastern Zhou." Ji Liao a cruel and ambitious man, dethroned his nephew, Ji Guang (King Helu, 514-496 BC).

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