People's Hotel

Chongqing Municipality Scenes

7. Chongqing People's Hotel

We were there in the city in 1984, and 1987. In 1987 there were more hotels that could accommodate foreigners. We checked into one hotel and got rooms. We then visited some friends and returned at midnight to find police waiting for us. They said that his hotel was not allowed to have foreign guests. I sent Bernice to the room to go to sleep while I talked to the police. I said that it was raining and there were no taxis and where could we go. I didn't even quite know exactly where we were. We talked for 3 hours discussing the matter and eventually the police said we could stay the night but six police would have to stay to protect us and that the hotel staff would also have to stay up to watch us. I asked if they were protecting us from the Chinese or the Chinese from us.

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