People's Hotel

Chongqing Municipality Scenes

8. The Chongqing People's Hall

We stayed in this hotel in 1984. When we went to check out of the hotel they said we owed a phone bill. I said I had not made any calls and they replied that the phone company had indicated that I owed them some money. The phone company offices were about 2 miles away and I had to walk there to pay the bill. When I arrived at the phone company I told them I had not made any calls. They said that I had tried to make a call to Guangzhou and had been told to wait until the call was available. My time for the call never came but I owed for the attempt to make a call. I didn't think this was right but when I asked how much I owed they said 2 cents US. I walked 4 miles to pay a 2-cent bill. What a story for only 2 cents.

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