Nanjing Massacre Museum China

Nanjing Massacre Museum

5. Outdoor Exhibit

To commemorate this event and make sure that future generations fully understood its tragedy, the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum was built. It is located at the sight of one of the mass graves of the massacre victims. The architecture of the memorial is understated and creates a calm atmosphere, so that the events of that time can speak for themselves. Amidst many trees and plain granite walls, abstract sculptures convey the immense suffer, pain, and loss of the massacre. An exhibition hall uses video, photographs, documents, and scholarly analysis to teach visitors about the terrible scope of the violence, and one of the mass graves has been excavated, and the skeletons of the murdered bear silent witness to the crimes of the past. The final hall of the memorial is dedicated to the reconciliation between the people of Japan and China. The memorial complex is a very moving reminder of a time that must not be forgotten.

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