Nanjing Massacre Museum China

Nanjing Massacre Museum

6. Grandfather and Dead Grandson

The memorial consists of three major parts: outdoor exhibits, sheltered skeletal remains of victims and an exhibition hall of historical documents. The outdoor exhibits include statues, sculptures, relief carvings, tablets, and a large wall listing the names of victims, as well as an atonement tablet. The bones of massacre victims now exhibited in a coffin-shaped display hall were excavated from Jiangdongmen in 1985. 208 more bones were uncovered in 1998.

The tomb-like exhibition hall, half underground, contains more than 1000 items related to the tragedy, including an immense collection of pictures, objects, charts and photographs. Paintings, sculptures, illuminated display cabinets, multi-media screens and documentary films all serve to remind visitors of the terrible crimes committed by the Japanese military.

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