Great Wall of China at Mutianyu China

Great Wall of China at Mutianyu

8. Ticket Office

It would seem there is a great need of English signage experts. It certainly does explain exactly what things cost and does the job. Entrance fee is 40 Yuan for adults and 20 for students. Riding the cable car is 50 for adults (Return you assume that means both ways) and one-way is only 35 Yuan. Children is 25 and 18 Yuan. We are not sure what the insurance covers and who gets what for what, but for about 15 cents how can you go wrong? Hyphenated words always seem to stump sign makers. The sign reminds you that: "The cash should be counted face to face." Also the sign reminds you that: "The student tickets exclude adult education." The window on the right sells entrance tickets and the left window sells cable car tickets.

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