Xinzheng, Henan Province -- Page 5

The City of Xinzheng, Henan

Xinzheng lies in the golden triangle area of central China and possesses outstanding superiority in both rail and road facilities. With a crisscross network of the Jingguang Railway, Jingzhu Expressway, Zhengping Highway, Xinmi Railway, Miqi Highway, Yu-04 Highway, Yulian 10 Highway and County paved roads, Xinzheng can boast of a total length of modern highways of 881 Km. Xinzheng has the biggest and most modern airport in the seven provinces in Central-South China. Opened in 1997, the Xinzheng-Zhengzhou airport serves as an excellent gateway both to and from the area with direct services to Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taiwan, Bangkok, and Singapore. The Jingzhu Expressway runs the length of the entire area and offers fast service to both Beijing and Shanghai.

The city and 14 towns have at their service over 33,000 modern electronic telephones. Mobile cell phones and beeper service is available with use throughout the nation. Accommodations are available from the Xinzheng hotel, Tihua Grand Restaurant, Shenzhen Baoheng Palace Grand Restaurant. Modern shopping markets, a magnificent sports stadium, cinemas, nightclubs, and a modern equipped hospital and dental facility help make this city a welcome place for all to live and visit.

The people of Xinzheng are honest and hospitable. People with insight are warmly invited to come to Xinzheng to invest and the profit from their enterprises. The hard working people of Xinzheng as well as the University trained graduates make this a good location to do business. The tree-lined broad streets of Xinzheng are clean and inviting. The scenic wonders and the antiquities of the first Chinese ancestors and their original village cannot quickly be forgotten. The 600,000 people of Xinzheng invite you to visit and see for yourself the wonders and experience the friendly atmosphere.