Paul in Korea - 1951
15. The Day the Hand Grenade Exploded - 1951 - Page 1

We were operating a radio station at a mountaintop. My job was to tune and repair the transmitters and receivers when they malfunctioned which was frequent. We were not near the front lines and it was an easy location in that we did not have to climb a high mountain. Our station was along side the road.

One afternoon I was just loafing sitting and reading in the warm sun. It was a pleasant day to relax. We didn't have too many of those days. I noticed an old man walking down the road towards us. Then to my surprise he disappeared in a puff of smoke. I was amazed at the event and wondered how he had done such a trick when the sound of the explosion reached me.

The old man staggered and fell. I rushed over to him and discovered he had pulled the pin on a hand grenade and had held it in his hand as it exploded. It was obvious that he did not know what he had done. Other people came running including his family and I helped carry him home. There was much moaning and crying as they found out what had happened. There is no medical help for civilians and they looked to me for help.

Paul in Korea 1951