Korean Laborers
14. Paul Needs to Learn to Read/Write Korean - Page 1

We Get an Allotment of Korean Workers Our station consists of about 4,000 pounds of equipment, transmitters, receivers, power units, tents, gas, food, tools and many other items. They have to be carried to the top of the hill where we set up the radio relay station. My team consists of 5 men and we needed help. We got a allotment of a hundred Korean laborers to work for us each day. We would go the local Police Station to get the workers. Because the word got out that we both paid them and fed them most wanted to work for us. After driving them back to the bottom of our hill we would load them up with equipment to be carried to the top. One of our team would accompany the men on the trip to the top.
Korean Laborers Carry Equipment to the Top of the Mountain