Paul Gets a New Uniform 10. We Take a Number of Showers Today -- 1951

We Stumble upon a Bonanza One day while on a trip to get our food supplies in my truck we came across a sign, "Quartermaster Shower Unit." There were several large tents in a clearing. Not one to pass up an opportunity I stopped to see what this thing was. We were greeted warmly and told to put our boots and personal gear in a bag that they gave us. This we did and then were directed to take off all our clothes and to enjoy their hot showers. It was wonderful. It was the first time we'd had a hot shower in over a year. Not only that but the tent was also heated. Most of the time we just heated a helmet full of water and took a bath with that in the cold.

The Best is Yet to Come After a long hot shower we emerged to find that they were to give us brand new uniforms. Now the uniforms we were wearing had been washed by native women in cold water and to clean them they would beat them with sticks. They were quite ragged and well worn having been through a good year of wear and tear. We hurried back to our radio station to tell the good news. Everybody jumped into my truck and back we went. This time we were wearing the worst of our ragged clothes, the ones with holes in the knees and rips in the jackets. Another hot shower and back to our station we went for another set of worn and torn clothes and back again for another shower. God Bless the Quartermaster Shower Units. After that day they were gone and I never saw another shower unit.

Cpl. Noll In a New Uniform