Australian Tank
6. A British Officer Saves the Day - Page 1 By Sgt. Carl H. Hulsman

We ran into a great traffic jam. Traffic going in either direction was at a standstill, and it stretched as far as I could see ahead of me as well as behind. Close by me, but headed in the opposite direction from that in which I was headed, was a tank. Never having had any contact with a tank before, I was quite unfamiliar with them, so I was interested in looking very closely at every feature of it.

Soon an officer with a walking stick probably five feet long came striding along toward us. He wore a soft cap rather than a helmet, and I could see no pistol or other weapon. I thought to myself, "Get a load of this jerk. Mr. Nonchalance. Making as if he were out on a Sunday afternoon jaunt through the hills. Must have seen too many English war movies."