An Abandoned 500 Gallon Water Trailer
9. I Find an Abandoned Water Trailer, 1951

Luck Happens On a trip in my Weapons Carrier one day I saw a small water trailer sitting by its lonesome on the side of the road. I quickly made a U-turn and back to the side of the lonesome trailer. I examined it and discovered the reason for it being by itself along the road. The spring had broken and the right wheel then slipped back to rub against the carriage. I also noted that the bumper marking was the First Marine Division. All military vehicles have their unit designation marked on the bumpers to indicate the unit it belongs to. I quickly hooked it up to my truck. I backed it into a tree to straighten out the axle to be perpendicular to the trailer. Then taking some wire, we were in the Signal Corps, I wired the axle so it would not slip too bad. And off we went having rescued this abandoned trailer. From time to time I had to stop and back the trailer into another tree to straighten the axle again.

We Adopt this Abandoned Orphan The first thing I did when I got back to the station was to formally adopt the trailer by painting the bumper khaki and then stenciling on our 581 Sig RR Co designation. Some simple repairs and the trailer was a good as new, and best of all, ours. In the past our small unit needed to get our water in 5 gallon cans. We had about 5 of them and all too often we went for water. Now with a trailer that problem had been solved. Cpl. Noll was the hero for that day. Unfortunately, Headquarters got wind of our windfall and demanded we surrender this orphan to them. And back to the 5-gallon cans we went. They did however give us 5 additional cans in exchange.