Mom Marries Perry Webster in 1941

My Brother Loren Webster

1. Mom Marries Perry Webster in 1941

In 1941 my Mom married the son of our neighbor on 3426 Castleman Street, Arlington, California. We had moved there from a house also in Arlington. Mom had gotten the family together after she had received her degree from the University. She had a job teaching Home Economics at a high school in Riverside. Times had become better for us. The house had some fruit trees and a small building in back that I used to raise chickens. Our next door neighbors, the Websters were nice to us boys and they let us pick the apricots off of their tree. I remember helping Mom can over a hundred quarts of apricot preserves one year. We were excited about a new Dad and happy for Mom. She had worked so hard for so long to make a comfortable home for us. They were married on March 1st, 1942.

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