The Day After Mom Maries Perry Webster in 1941

My Brother Loren Webster

2. The Day after Mom Marries Perry Webster in 1941

I don't remember the wedding. I think perhaps we were not there. But the day after the new couple took us for a wonderful day. Here the five of us pose for that day. My new Dad, Perry Webster, had been good to us boys. During the time when they courted, Perry would give the three of us some money to ride the bus to Riverside, see a movie, and get some hamburgers. I remember seeing some good movies, "Sergeant York" and getting hamburgers. A place near the theater sold hamburgers for 5 cents and we would have 2 of them with French fries. In back we line up in age order, Paul, Crawford, and Donald. I have my hand on Mom's shoulder. I was always the cuddly one.

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