Dad Works in Alaska

My Brother Loren Webster

3. Dad Works in Alaska

My new Dad was a welder/mechanic and a good one. Somewhere along the line he worked in Alaska. I can't remember exactly when he worked there but I do remember that he sent pictures back to us and this one I still have. Perry's skills allowed him to get good jobs wherever we lived. He taught me a lot about getting good tools and taking good care of them, a trait I still have today. I exhibited a strong interest in tools and mechanics and Perry always showed great patience in answering my incessant questions. In later years he taught me how to drive. I learned to drive in his pickup. It had a manual transmission and before synchromesh transmissions. That meant you had to double clutch. I ground the gears time and time again until I got the knack. He showed amazing patience with me. It stood me in good stead when I joined the army and the army trucks required you to also double clutch.

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