Grampa Noll's House

Myra Noll/Webster Family

8. Grampa Noll's House

This is my Grampa Noll's house on his farm near Gig Harbor, Washington. It has two rooms with a basement below. No electricity and no running water but lots of love and wonderful memories. We spent three summers with my Grampa there doing many fun things. A neighbor a half-mile away had some cows so we got fresh milk to drink. Grampa raised most of the food we ate. From time to time we went into town for things he didn't grow. Grampa had a great male influence on me all my life. He loved the farm and Gramma loved the city. They were the best of friends to the end of their days. My Grampa had a 1928 Reo truck. We would spend a half day getting it started to go into the woods to get firewood. You had to crank it by hand. I loved my Grampa but I will bet a five-year old taxed his patience. For Christmas one year he sent the family a radio. It was the first radio I had ever seen or heard. He sent us Christmas trees from his farm each year.

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