Paul Gets an IV
Paul Dies in China -- Part 1
Paul has a Bad Cough In 1987 I got a bad cold and a persistent cough. That night I had kept Bernice up all night with my coughing. In the morning I got one of my students to take me to the Unit's Clinic for a doctor's help. We walked over to the clinic while Bernice got a well-needed rest. When we got there the doctor gave me an X-ray.
Pneumonia is the Problem This showed the doctor that I had pneumonia. They decided to give me a shot of penicillin. In China they always give a tiny drop under the skin on the wrist and then wait 30 minutes to see if there is any reaction. They gave me a shot on the wrist and asked to sit down and wait for a half hour. I sat down on a bench with my student and waited.
The Patient Collapses onto the Floor Sometime later I felt a very bad jolt to my nervous system. I knew I was in bad, bad trouble. The floor was concrete and I didn't want to pitch to the floor on my head so I put my head in my students lap and said, "I'm leaving now, hang on to me!" I knew I didn't have much time and that was the last thing I remember for a while. When I came to, there was someone on the floor and about six doctors were doing terrible things to him. After a short bit I began to realize that I was the guy on the floor being assailed.
Paul Gets Intravenous Fluid

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