Some Ideas to Help Achieve Success -- Page 6
  1. Where you start is not as important as where you finish.
  2. The true motives of our actions. like the real pipes of an organ, are usually concealed. But the gilded and hollow pretext is pompously placed in from for show.
  3. Awareness is not "When" it is a "Now!" It is not what you have that makes you happy, is what you are that's going to make you happy.
  4. Only the educated are free.
  5. Fear, doubt, and worry will keep you from accomplishing that which you are capable of doing.
  6. Fear is F alse E vidence A pperaing R eal
  7. We deplete nature's resources by using them up. We deplete man's natural resources by not using them at all.
  8. We can defend a man's integrity even when we do not agree with his actions.
  9. Action often precedes the feeling.
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