My Brother Mark and his Wife Vera

32. Mark and Paul Noll Visit Disney World -- 1975

In the late 1970s I attended some IBM Computer Conferences for Pacific Telephone. One of those conferences was in Miami, Florida. My brother Mark was living in Orlando, Florida so I arranged to visit him after the conference. Mark was not in the best of health but was feeling much better at that time. During the visit he and I decided to visit Disney World together. Just the two us would go.

It was a marvelous time to spend the day with my oldest brother. Although we were close to our fifties, on that day we were just two young kids again. We rode all the rides and screamed at all the proper times. We ate hotdogs, drank cokes, and just had fun. Going down Magic Mountain was scary, but Mark declared, it was, "Just a roller coaster in the dark." For that day we were just two kids again, perhaps 8 and 10 years old. Mark got much sicker soon after that and shortly after that he died. My memory of him remains the wonderful day I spent with him in Disney World with much laughter and delight. I sometimes think that the three of us boys never quite got too old. Now at 85 I still feel the same about that.

Mark D. Noll, Vera Noll and Son Mark