Toy Soldiers Lichen Wildflowers Found in Oregon
Toy Soldiers Lichen

Cladonia bellidiflora Cladonia bellidiflora 'Toy Soldiers' is a fruticose lichen with bright red apothecia on a squamule covered podetia. The primary squamules are variable in size ranging from 2 mm to 12 mm in length and 1 mm to 7 mm wide. They are deeply lobed and lack soredia. Squamule colour tends to be grey-green but there may be some yellow in it. Podetia range 3 mm to 5 mm high and are covered with squamules. They may or may not have apothecia; when present they are large and red. Habitat: On rotting wood and stumps, moss or soil. Thallus pales yellowish green, with large, deeply lobed, nonsorediate, primary squamule.

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