Pilots Paul and Bernice Noll - Photo 5 Bernice "Celebration of Her Life" - Photo 5
Pilots Paul and Bernice Noll

In 1982 Bernice and I flew our airplane around the world for four months. We flew in an 8 passenger Cessna 421 pressurized twin. Because we do not have tickets, boarding passes or check our luggage, we need to dress as an aircrew. We had these uniforms made in California before we left. This was at the suggestion of the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association). We flew to some 40 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and other. We flew as aircrew of Owl International Airlines. Owl International Airlines has only one aircraft and the company consists of Bernice and Paul. We had badges showing us as members of Owl Airlines. We are a "Fly by Night Airline." Bernice had to learn to set the plane down in case of an emergency. She was always ready for a flight. We owned our own plane and hangar for many years and put in over 2000 hours flying.

In 1973 the family joined a flying club that owned three planes, a two seater Cessna Aerobat, a Cessna 172 and a Cessna 182. Bernice, Paul and the two sons aged 15 and 12 washed all three planes each week. This gave Paul three hours of free flying and helps the family to afford the flying lessons. The oldest boy, Chet, became good at flying. We often took flights to restaurants within 100 miles for dinners sometimes just the family sometimes with friends or relatives. Later we purchased a Cessna 182 and a hangar at the Eugene airport. We used this plane to fly to computer seminars we taught for some 20 years around various places in the United States.          Hi-Res Pic (116K)

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