Delbert Monroe

Glendoran Magazine Article - 1986
Lark Ellen Home -- 1890 -- 1974 - Page 6

Today the Home is no longer in existence. It was due to a lot of "red tape" with actions on the part of the Azusa City Council that the directors chose to close. At first they were forced from their Citrus Avenue location. Then the home relocated for a short period of time to 1320 Gladstone Avenue, but then the Home was declared unsafe.

There no longer is the need for a motto for a non-existent home, but the thousands who grew up there are proof of it: "He Who Builds in Boys, Builds Lastingly in Truth."

The doors to the Lark Ellen Home for Boys, a home for youngsters in need for 81 years, closed October, 1974 for the last time.

But today, after 11 years, Carl Miller continues to be referred to as Dad, by over 3000 alumni of the institution that he served as director for 34 years/

Delbert Monroe who played the role of seaman Kowalski on ABC's "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea." lived at Lark Ellen from 1945 to 1947. He was one of their outstanding athletes and credits Carl Miller with shaping the attitudes which helped him on his way to success.