Mythical Viking Some Common Myths Thought to be True - Page 1
1. Vikings had Horns on Their Helmets Myth Exposed
2. The Vomitorium was Part a Roman Dining Custom Myth Exposed
3. Life Expectancy in Middle Ages was Low Myth Exposed
4. Iron Maidens were used for Torture in Middle Ages Myth Exposed
5. Plate Armor in Middle Ages Hindered Moving Around Myth Exposed
6. Christopher Columbus - Flat Earth Belief Hampered Support Myth Exposed
7. Christopher Columbus Discovered America Myth Exposed
8. Marco Polo Imported Pasta from China Myth Exposed
9. Pilgrim Father's Hats and All Black Dress Attire Myth Exposed
10. First Thanksgiving was at Plymouth Colony Myth Exposed
11. Marie Told Masses they Should be "Eating Cake" Myth Exposed
12. George Washington had Wooden Teeth Myth Exposed
13. Declaration of Independence signed of July 4th, 1776 Myth Exposed
14. Cinco de Mayo is "Mexican Independence Day" Myth Exposed
15. Great Chicago Fire Caused by Mrs. O'Leary's Cow Myth Exposed
Mythical Viking
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