Wildflowers Likely to be Seen in Oregon List - Page 5
Fern, Bracken
Fern, Deer
Fern, Lady
Fern, Licorice
Fern, Maidenhair
Fern Sword
Filaree, Redstem
Flax Blue
Flax Pale
Fleabane, Annual
Fleabane, Philadelphia
Fly Agaric
Forget-Me-Not, Common
Forget-Me-Not, Marsh
Foxglove, Red
Foxglove, White
Fringecup, Fragrant
Fungus, Artist's Conk
Fungus, Crown Tipped Coral
Fungus, Fluted White Helvella
Fungus, Green Stain
Fungus, Mucronella sp.
Fungus, Oak Polypore
Fungus, Orange Jelly
Fungus, Orange Peel
Fungus, Smooth-stalked Helvella
Fungus, Root Rot
Fungus, White Coral
Gall, Mossy Rose
Gall, Oak
Gall, Spiny Rose
Gall, Wild Cherry Pouch
Gentian, Mountain Bog
Geranium, Dovefoot
Geranium, Oregon
Geranium, Shiny
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