Wildflowers Likely to be Seen in Oregon List - Page 7
Horsetail, Common
Horsetail, Giant
Horsetail, Scouring Rush
Huckleberry, Blue
Huckleberry, Red
Hyacinth, White
Indian Pipe
Indian Plum
Inside Out Flower, Northern
Iris, Blue Oregon
Iris, Yellowleaf
Iris, Versicolor
Ivesia, Gordon's
Ivy, Ground
Jacob's Ladder, Showy
Jelly Babies
Jewelweed, Cape
Knotweed, Japanese
Ladies' Tresses, Hooded
Larkspur, Menzies'
Lettuce, Wall
Lewisia, Three Leaf
Lichen, Blood Splattered Beard
Lichen, Bull's Eye
Lichen, Cetraria Orbata
Lichen, Cladonia Cariosa
Lichen, Cladonia Ecmocyna
Lichen, Cladonia Furcata
Lichen, Cladonia Pyxidata
Lichen, Cladonia Squamosa
Lichen, Common Orange
Lichen, Devil's Matchstick
Lichen, False Pixie Cup
Lichen, Forking Bone
Lichen, Frog Pelt
Lichen, Hypogymnia apinnata
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